Drum Kit Youth Shirt

Drum Kit Youth Shirt

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About This Shirt

Rock and roll may be ultimately symbolized by the enigmatic frontman and the shredding of guitars, but rock music would not be anything without the raw power of drums. Getting this transfer on your favorite tee shirt, hooded sweatshirt, tank top, or baseball tee will not only show the world how much you love rock, but how much you appreciate the man in the back pushing the music and making the crowd headbang. Wear this shirt and show your love for Larry Mullen Jr., Dave Grohl, Roger Taylor, Keith Moon, Charlie Watts, John Bonham, Animal, Ringo Starr, Peter Criss, Neil Peart, Lars Ulrich, ?uestlove, Tommy Lee, John Densmore, Nick Mason, RIck Allen, Max Weinberg, Phil Collins, and Mick Fleetwood. A band cannot be expected to rock without the fury of the drum beat keeping the fans jumping, the heads banging, the horns in the air, the fists pumping, and the feet stomping. The drums are the most essential element in a rock song, so celebrate all of the rocking, thunderous power that the drummer and the drum kit bring to every rock album and every bitchin' rock concert with this great custom design from the Windy City's most rocking tee shirt shop, Strange Cargo.

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