Crew Youth Shirt

Crew Youth Shirt

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About This Shirt

The captain may be the most important figure on board a great ship, but a captain isn't anything without a solid, competent crew. Would the Pequod have been able to hunt down Moby-Dick without Ishmael, Queequeg, Starbuck, Dagoo, Stubb, Tashtego, Flask, and Fedallah? Would Jason have been able to get the Argo to the Golden Fleece without the assistance and knowledge of the Argonauts? Would the Orca have been able to hunt down the killer shark in "Jaws" without Matt Hooper and Chief Brody? The Jolly Roger may have had the enigmatic Captain Hook as the head of the ship, but where would the world or the ship be without Smee? Perhaps the crew of The Poseidon in "The Poseidon Adventure" should be omitted from this list of great crews (or, at the very least, we should praise Gene Hackman for thinking of going up instead of waiting to die). And the crew of the Mary Celeste...wait... never mind that example. Yes, the crew of a ship is vital to the voyage and adventure. Not everyone was meant to be the captain; the crew is the only reason the captain gets to bark directions and set course for adventure. Get this vintage transfer on your favorite tee and set sail for mystery and adventure!

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