Chicago with Skyline Youth's Shirt

Chicago with Skyline Youth's Shirt

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The architecture of the Chicago skyline makes it a wonder on the horizon of the Windy City. No other skyline holds the history of its city quite like the Chicago skyline. From the first of the world's modern skyscrapers, to buildings that survived the Great Chicago Fire, to the new Trump Tower that stands tall and proud as the newest addition to the infamous, striking Chicago skyline. The John Hancock Building, the Willis Tower (or Sears Tower), the Chase Tower, the Daley Center, the Smurfit-Stone, the Water Tower, the Chicago Tribune Building, the Wrigley Building, and the curving structure of the Lake Point Tower all stand out on the Windy City horizon as architectural wonders of Chicago. No other skyline can compare to the majesty of the Chicago skyline. Gothic, art deco, modern; there is a variety of architectural styles to behold while you are walking along Michigan Avenue, touring the Loop, or taking the architectural boat tour along the Chicago River. This custom design captures the beauty and wonder of the Chicago skyline on your favorite tee shirt. Be sure to wear it when going to the top of the Willis Tower or when having a drink and taking in the splendor at the top of the John Hancock Tower.

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