Chicago Loves A Big Italian Beef Youth's Shirt

Chicago Loves A Big Italian Beef Youth's Shirt

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More than we love a Chicago-style hot dog, more than we love a gooey, cheesy, topping-stuffed deep dish pizza, and more than we love a frosty tall boy of Old Style beer at a Cubs game, we citizens of Chicago really love a big, hot, steamy Italian beef! We love a hot Italian beef injection so much we line up in droves outside of establishments like Al's Beef, Portillo's Hot Dogs, Carm's Beef and Italian Ice, Mr. Beef, and Johnnie's Beef just to get our big meaty fix. With watering mouths, we yearn to wrap our hands around juice-soaked strips of roast beef caressed by a hot Italian-style roll and smothered with cooked peppers. There is no better fix than getting your stomach's needs met with the delicious taste of a hot Italian beef sandwich, a Chicago favorite since the 1930s. Head out into the Windy City and find yourself a good place to show your love for a scrumptious, big, meaty Italian beef sandwich at a variety of locations found around town. Get this great, original design on your favorite tee shirt, exclusively available at Strange Cargo, to show that you love this Chicago staple food more than any hot dog or slice of pizza

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