Canadian Crest youth Shirt

Canadian Crest youth Shirt

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About This Shirt

Hey, you Canucks and Canuck-lovers! This is a great way to show your love for the United States' neighbor to the north! Canada has given us so much that we should stand up and thank them with a custom tee shirt with the Canadian crest on a great tee shirt. Show your love of Terrance and Philip, Mike Myers, Rick Moranis, John Candy, Dudley Do-Right, the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen, the Toronto Maple Leafs, "Kids in the Hall," "Strange Brew," and Wayne Gretzky, the god of hockey. So pour some maple syrup on your Canadian bacon and celebrate all that makes Canada great. Get this Canadian crest on your favorite tee shirt, baseball tee, or hooded sweatshirt and show your fanaticism for our neighbors to the north! More than just a land of snow and syrup, Canada is our beloved neighbor to the north with it's free health care, gun control laws, and Rush. Show your pride and show your love for Canada and Geddy Lee with this mighty maple leaf on your favorite custom tee shirt. Get this great design from Strange Cargo today and start showing your love of Wayne Gretzky, Leonard Cohen, Keanu Reeves, and all of the other great cultural contributions that Canada has given the world.

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