Better Living Thru Chemistry Men's Shirt

Better Living Thru Chemistry Men's Shirt

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It turns out chemistry class was more than endless quizzes, atoms, ions, quarks, gases, acids, bases, time spent doodling in a notebook, dozing off at your desk, and annoying lab partners. While you were being forced to learn the atomic weight of cobalt, you were being given the tools to create a better world for yourself through chemistry! If knowledge is power, then bust out your old chemistry notes and find the path to better living, the path to enlightenment, the path to nirvana. With the knowledge of chemistry packed in that big brain of yours, you will be riding the Quaalude highway to sleepytown. Crank up the dance music and have some disco biscuits that have been brought to you by the fun and awesomeness of chemistry! The periodic table, a bunsen burner, some Erlenmeyer flasks, blue stuff (because there's always blue stuff in chemistry), and a pipette are your tools for constructing scientific bliss! Magic is not real, but science conquers where magic fails! So get out your tight jeans, bust out your T. Rex albums, button up that tight polyester shirt and get ready for some chemistry that is straight from the seventies glam and disco scene.

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