Coma-Caca Mens Shirt

Coma-Caca Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

Sometimes the English language isn't efficient enough to truly express your feelings for someone. Sometimes a simple phrase isn't eloquent enough to tell someone how you feel about their bullshit. To prove that you are the eloquent, witty, stylish, and worldly sonofabitch that is going to win in any argument against any asshole, it is vital to have this "Coma-Caca" shirt from Strange Cargo in your wardrobe. Brilliantly designed to look like the iconic Coca-Cola logo, this international "Eat Shit" tee-shirt design is the perfect way to give the middle finger to the world in a fun and stylish fashion. This design looks great on your favorite American Apparel tee shirt or tank top, so you will always be comfortable and fashionable as you let the world know exactly what you think as you strut about town with pride and sophistication. So, tell the world to "Eat Shit!" in a way that is stylish, subtle, iconic, and to-the-point with this original design exclusively from Windy City's favorite stop for offensive and clever tee shirts, Strange Cargo. Order today because you don't want to postpone your march of realness for another day!

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