Mike Mens Shirt

Mike Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

Why has it taken us so long to come to the decision to change all artistic representations of Zeus to Mike Ditka? Mike Ditka soared down from Olympus on a lightning rod of football insanity to disrupt all that our puny human minds thought we knew about the game of football. He did not depart alone from Mount Olympus--heavens no! With him was the Hermes-like swiftness of Walter Payton, the Ares-like strength of William Perry and the Apollonian artistry of Jim McMahon?s cunning plays. Clearly, when the ancient Greeks sculpted their gods and told tales of their heroic feats, they were talking about the 1985 Chicago Bears, the Super Bowl XX Champions who dominated the National Football League and showed that 1984 may have been about Big Brother, but 1985 would be remembered for the power of the Monsters of the Midway. This legendary year could not have been pulled off without the wisdom, the power and the awe-inspiring fury of Iron Mike Ditka. Get your custom Mike Ditka tee shirt from Strange Cargo and show off Da Coach?s intense gaze as you strut about town with your Bears pride displayed on your chest.

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