I Love Irish Boys Mens Shirt

I Love Irish Boys Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

Who can resist a beautiful Irish boy? Bono has sparkling blue eyes to compliment his jet black hair. There is the suave James Bond sex appeal of Pierce Brosnan, the Shakespearean knowledge and class of Kenneth Branagh, and the dark, brooding sexiness of Colin Farrell. Whether he is fighting zombies in a post-apocalyptic ghost world or hunting down Batman with a vast supply of custom drugs and a burlap sack over his face, it cannot be denied that Cillian Murphy is a genuine Irish hunk! Jonathan Rhys Meyers has played enigmatic rock legends such as Elvis "The Pelvis" Presley and the a rock star inspired by a rock god from beyond our solar system, David Bowie. Larry Mullen Jr. is the only member of U2 who does not ever seem to age and Conan O'Brien, though not from Ireland, is a sexy man who can make us laugh until it hurts. English guys, Frenchmen, German fellas; none of them compare to the dark and brooding charm and sexiness of the Irish boys. You cannot deny it; Irish boys are sexy! Get this custom "I Heart Irish Boys" slogan on your favorite tee to celebrate the Irish and all of the beautiful men they have given to the world.

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