Chirish XL Flag Mens Shirt

Chirish XL Flag Mens Shirt

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About This Shirt

With the exception of Boston, there isn't a city in the United States of America that parties as hard as Chicago does on Saint Patrick's Day. When it comes to partying, we party so hard we dye the Chicago River green so it can get in on the festivities. We party so hard that we stretch the events from the North Side to the South Side, making it the one day of the calendar year that the long-standing Cubs and White Sox rivalry is set aside in order to embrace your fellow Irish (or Irish-In-Spirit) man and party hard for lovely Ireland. It's the day on which we fill our pints with murky, brown Guinness and cheer, "Slainte!" to old friends and new. We take our shots of Jameson and try not to drunkenly spill them all over our faces, our collection of glimmering green Mardi Gras beads, our green shirts, green shorts, shamrock suspenders, "Kiss Me I'm Irish!" buttons, green shoes, and other lucky attire. It's not a party, it's an endurance test, and we pass with flying colors each year. It's never too early to prepare for the city-wide barcrawl, so get this Chirish flag print on a green tee today to be sure you are ready to avoid pinches and slam drinks, exclusively from Strange Cargo.

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