Strange Cargo

You want to make your friends jealous? Get yourself a Strange Cargo original tee shirt! Let your friends, family, neighbors and blood enemies know that you are a fashionable motherfucker who shops at the hippest place in Chicago, Illinois. Put a beautiful Strange Cargo design on a tee or hoodie and be the envy of the whole world.

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Our Strange Cargo Shirts


Strange Cargo Chicago Star Shirt
Strange Cargo Oversized Shirt
Strange Cargo - Fashionable Motherfucker Shirt
Strange Cargo - The Best Joint in Town Shirt
Strange Cargo - Best Booty In Town Shirt
Strange Cargo Cityscape Shirt
Strange Cargo- Russian Poster Shirt
Strange Cargo- Four Buildings Shirt
Strange Cargo- Surly Sea Captain Shirt
Strange Cargo Vintage Shirt
Strange Cargo- A Useful Shop Shirt