Do you look forward to blumpkin time? Do you enjoy a breath-taking solo on a rusty trombone? How are people going to know this if you're not making a bold announcement with your fashion? It could take months - even years! - to get your guy or girl to understand that tea bagging is a beautiful thing! Strange Cargo doesn't believe in wasting time. Get to the donkey punching quicker by ordering one of our custom tees, hoodies or tanks. Get down and get dirty!

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Our Sex Shirts


Muff Diver Local #69  Shirt
Pussies Against Trump Shirt
Mustache Bike Rides Shirt
I'm So Horny The Crack of Dawn Looks Good Shirt
A Little Pussy Won't Hurt Anyone Shirt
I Love My Pearl Necklace Shirt
It's Tea Time Shirt
Dutch Oven Shirt
Afro Trucker Girl Shirt
Knock It Off Asshole! I'm A French Fry Shirt
Big Cats Are Dangerous Shirt
Plumbers Have Better Pipes Shirt
Tap That Ass Shirt
Moustache Rides 50ยข Shirt
Fly United Shirt
Love Is A Heart Shaped Cum Stain Shirt
Hot Carl Shirt
Toss My Salad Shirt
Mike Hunt Shirt
12 Ways To Say I Love You Shirt
Cleveland Steamer Shirt
What A Pear! Shirt
Campers Do It In Tents Shirt
Ass, Gas or Grass - Nobody Rides For Free Shirt
Let's Get It On Shirt
The No - Tell Motel Shirt
Oui  Shirt
Dirty Sanchez Shirt
Trucker Girl  Shirt
Itty Bitty Titty Committee Shirt
Twilight Beaver Chase Shirt
I'm Horny Shirt
Nice Camel Toe Shirt
Don't Drink And Dial Shirt
The More I Learn About Women Shirt
Shocker Shirt
Who's Afraid Of A Little Pussy Shirt
Love Is Walking With A Slight Limp Shirt
Love Is... by Rylan T Shirt
I Love Ass Shirt
Power Line Nude Shirt
Lady Luck Shirt
Vagetarian Shirt
Cougar Shirt
Knockers Shirt
Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy Shirt
Rusty Trombone Shirt