We at Strange Cargo know that you have things to say. Give your voice a break and let our insightful tee shirts do the talking for you! From classics like "I'm With Stupid" to new trends like "GTL", we're certain there is something here you need to get off your chest by putting it on your chest. If there's something you need to say that isn't on the page, scoot over to our custom lettering section to create your own one-of-a-kind saying shirt.

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Our Sayings Shirts


Pizza is My Food Pyramid Shirt
I'm A Fuckin' Lady Shirt
Fuck Your Statue Robert E Lee Shirt
I Could Sh*t A Better President Shirt
Miss me yet? Shirt
Nobody Likes A Soggy Bottom Shirt
Why Am I So Full Of Hate? Shirt
Nicolas Cage Shirt
I'm So Horny The Crack of Dawn Looks Good Shirt
BYE Felicia Shirt
Red, White, and Boozed Shirt
Fuck You Fuck You Have A Nice Day Shirt
Jesus: The Original Zombie Shirt
Sunday Funday (Orange) Shirt
'MERICA! Shirt
Pussies Against Trump Shirt
Dill With It Shirt
College Shirt
Go Fuck Yourself Shirt
Hooray Sports Shirt
Get Your Shit Together Shirt
Sunday Funday (White) Shirt
Holden Caulfield is No Phony Shirt
Blues Brothers Shirt
CSS to my HTML Shirt
I'm Your Density Shirt
Father of the Year Shirt
Barf Out! Shirt
Truckin' For Jesus Shirt
Brown Sugar Glitter Shirt
Stupid Script Shirt
I'm With Stupid Shirt
It's My Birthday, Buy Me a Drink! Shirt
Eat Shit Shirt
Knuckle Sandwich Shirt
Sweep The Leg Johnny! Shirt
Coma-Caca Shirt
Fly United Shirt
Worst Episode Ever Shirt
Foxy Lady - Silver Glitter Shirt
Screw U Shirt
Who Farted Shirt
You Can't Sit With Us Tee Shirt
Fuck You This Is My Costume Shirt
Eat Meat Shirt
Grody to the MAX! Shirt
Breakfast Included Shirt
Left On! Shirt
Never Trust A Big Butt And A Smile Shirt
Beethoven's 2nd Movement Shirt
No Bullshit Shirt
Get Your Shit Together II Shirt
Crew Shirt
First Mate Shirt
I Like Toast Shirt
Retired Shirt
Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy Shirt
I Love You Shirt
Don't Tread On Me Shirt
Douchebag Shirt
Don't Hassle Me I'm Local Shirt
Sausage King of Chicago Shirt
Thriller Shirt
Heavy Metal Shirt
Girls Just Want To Have Fun Shirt
Break Dancing Shirt
Sorry For Partying Shirt
Go Ahead... Make My Day #2 Shirt
Dicknose Shirt
You Bet Your Dupa I'm Polish Shirt
You Bet Your Tuchas I'm Jewish Shirt
You Bet Your Meatballs I'm Italian Shirt