Scientists have proven that poop is always going to be funny. Why resist the hilarity of defecation? Strange Cargo has a variety of non-shitty poop-themed tees designed to make you the envy of everybody with crap humor on the brain. Get your shit together and get yourself a tee, tank or hoodie with one of our amazing shit designs!

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Our Poop Shirts


I Could Sh*t A Better President Shirt
See You In Your Poop Shirt
Get Your Shit Together Shirt
Eat Shit Shirt
Coma-Caca Shirt
Hot Carl Shirt
Toss My Salad Shirt
Cleveland Steamer Shirt
Dirty Sanchez Shirt
Who Farted Shirt
Beethoven's 2nd Movement Shirt
No Bullshit Shirt
Get Your Shit Together II Shirt
Crop Dusting Shirt