Most would keep politics and religion separate. Not Strange Cargo. We keep them together and then throw Santa in there. Why? Because we can. Because we know that life is full of tough decisions and we want you to choose between Jesus and Jimmy Carter. Pick your favorite religious, political, or Christmas-time design and put it on your favorite tee or hoodie and let others know that you have made a difficult fashion decision.

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Our Christmas Shirts

Home Alone, Drink Alone Shirt
Leg Lamp Shirt
I Put Out...For Santa Shirt
HO! Shirt
Merry Christmas....Shitter was Full! Shirt
Merry Crithmith from Mike Tyson Shirt
Jesus, I'm Drunk! Shirt
Holiday Sweater Shirt
Santa's Little Helper Shirt
Santa Suit Shirt
Happy Chanukah Shirt
Touch My Elf Shirt
Happy Birthday Jesus Shirt
Santa in Sleigh Shirt
Santa Shirt
Jesus Profile Shirt
Jesus - the Fisher of Men Shirt
Move Over Rover Let Barack Take Over Shirt
Mr. President Shirt
Laughing Buddhas Shirt
Buddha Shirt