Beer, Booze & Drugs

We're not condoning your drug use...but, well...okay, if you do use drugs you should probably not look like a stereotypical slob. Get rid of your ratty clothes that you forgot to wash and get some new threads from Strange Cargo. We've got designs for whatever monkey you've got on your back - whether you follow in the footsteps of Cheech and Chong or like to play "Valley of the Dolls". Get your favorite pharmaceutical design on your favorite tee shirt and kick back, relax, and turn up the Pink Floyd. If you enjoy a great drink, be sure to get one of our custom booze and beer shirts for a night out at the bars! Either way, show your passion for better living through chemicals with a great shirt from Strange Cargo!

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Our Beer, Booze & Drugs Shirts


I Need A Beer Right Meow Shirt
Giraffe Smoking Bong by James S Shirt
Fresh Baked Shirt
Jesus, I'm Drunk! Shirt
Just Chillin' Shirt
It's Beer O'Clock Shirt
Four Twenty 420 Shirt
Kiss Me I'm Highrish Shirt
PBR Shirt
Sorry We're Drunk Shirt
Bong Smoking Safari Shirt
An Apple A Day Shirt
Medicinal Marijuana Shirt
In Dog Beers I've Only Had One Shirt
Sunday Funday (Orange) Shirt
Stumbledore Shirt
We All Have Our Ups & Downs! Shirt
Buy Me a Drink  Shirt
Pizza is My Food Pyramid Shirt
This Sounds Like a Job for Vodka Shirt
Let's Make Bad Decisions Together Shirt
See me Roll me Smoke me Shirt
Snort Cocaine - The Cause That Refreshes Shirt
Cannabis Soup Shirt
Drunk Mode ON Shirt
Sunday Funday (White) Shirt
Chicago Southbound to Intoxication Shirt
Happy Hour Shirt
Drink Like A Champion Today Shirt
Columbian Shirt
The Marijuana Revolution Wants to Join You!!! Shirt
Pills Shirt
Marijuana Pickers Local 13 Shirt
Who's A Pot Head Shirt
Peyote Shirt
Zig-Zag Man Shirt
Grow Your Own Shirt
Better Living Thru Chemistry Shirt
Even The Best Get Stoned Shirt
Joint Chiefs Shirt
Good Smoke For Good Folk Shirt
Surgeon General's Warning Shirt
Say No To Drugs Shirt
Enjoy Cocaine Shirt
I Love Beer Shirt
It's My Birthday, Buy Me a Drink! Shirt
After a Few Beers ... Shirt
Don't Drink And Dial Shirt
You'll Never Miss The Water Shirt
Margarita Shirt
I Beer Wrigleyville Shirt
Let's Get Ready To Stumble Wrigleyville Shirt
Old Milwaukee Shirt
Old Milwaukee 2 Shirt