Snort Cocaine - The Cause That Refreshes Shirt
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Snort Cocaine - The Cause That Refreshes Shirt

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About This Shirt

You do not have to take your love of cocaine to a George Jung level, just enjoy a little snort every now and then. A little snort of coke is like a little sip of a refreshing Coke, so why not indulge a little? Make sure you know what you are doing or you will end up with a needle in your heart like Mia Wallace. Be careful after you snort a line off of a mirror that you don't get too into and grind your teeth into a fine powder. If you've got a sweet tooth for nose candy, let yourself have a little bit of coke. Whether you are rocking out on the dance floor at the disco or buying and selling stocks on Wall Street, there is no reason not to have just a little helping of nose candy. Just be sure to get this great Coca-Cola-inspired design about everyone's favorite white powder. Don't get too much white powder on your new tee; be the most fashionable motherfucker sitting around doing hot rails off of an old mirror. Get this design on your favorite tee shirt, tank top, or hooded sweatshirt and be the most styling person in your group enjoying just a snort of cocaine.

Guy's Super Soft 50/50 Tee, Red, Small

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