Malcolm X Speech Shirt
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Malcolm X Speech Shirt

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About This Shirt

When working with Alex Haley on "The Autobiography of Malcom X," Malcom X told Haley, "If I'm alive when this book comes out, it will be a miracle." Haley finished and published the book a year after Malcom X's assassination, and the book is considered to be one of the top ten influential works of non-fiction. Its subject is a man who created controversy, stirred the emotions of the people, and sparked the imagination of the civil rights movement. His association with Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam and his powerful rhetoric charged a nation with both enthusiasm and fear. His departure from the Nation of Islam, the founding of Muslim Mosque, Inc., and his conversion to Sunni Islam near the end of his shortened life brought about a Malcom X that wanted social upheaval without violence. There is no denying that Malcom X is one of the most interesting and influential people from the twentieth century, so show your pride with this original design from Strange Cargo. Get this image of Malcom X on a variety of tee shirts, tank tops, and hooded sweatshirts, and be sure to take advantage of our custom lettering to get your favorite Malcom X quote on the back of your new shirt. Wear this shirt with pride and always remember what Malcom X said, "A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything."

Women's Super Soft 50/50 Tee, Asphalt, Small

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