Kiss My Irish! Shirt
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Kiss My Irish! Shirt

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About This Shirt

The Irish are all about attitude! This is not the kind of attitude you find in New York City or Chicago. This is an attitude based on a history of rebellion and survival. The attitude is found in the hard-hitting harmonies, rock and roll sound, and thought-provoking lyrics of U2 and the hard rock sound and carefree spirit of Thin Lizzy. The attitude is found in the rebellious literature of James Joyce, author of the great Irish novel, "Ulysses," that was challenged and banned in both the United States and the United Kingdom. The attitude is found in the plays of Samuel Beckett, challenging the world of theater with absurdist plays like "Waiting for Godot." The attitude of the Irish was built on centuries of fighting hardship, political strife, and famine. With every shot of Irish whiskey, with every glass of Guinness, with every toast of "Slainte!" you toast the spirit and attitude of the Emerald Isle. The Irish attitude is the spirit of Ireland, so let it be known that you support the strongest attitude in the world. Tell the world to kiss your Irish with this custom shirt design from Strange Cargo that packs a lot of Irish attitude into a simple three-word phrase!

Guy's Super Soft 50/50 Tee, Heather Kelly, Small

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