We at Strange Cargo know that you have things to say. Give your voice a break and let our insightful tee shirts do the talking for you! From classics like "I'm With Stupid" to new trends like "GTL", we're certain there is something here you need to get off your chest by putting it on your chest. If there's something you need to say that isn't on the page, scoot over to our custom lettering section to create your own one-of-a-kind saying shirt.

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Our Kid's Sayings Shirts


I'm With Stupid Shirt
College Shirt
Knuckle Sandwich Shirt
Who Farted Shirt
Whiz Kid Shirt
Crew Shirt
First Mate Shirt
I Like Toast Shirt
I'm A Li'l Stinker! Shirt
Barf Out! Shirt
Retired Shirt
Sausage King of Chicago Shirt
Sorry For Partying Shirt
You Bet Your Dupa I'm Polish Shirt
CSS to my HTML Shirt
Holden Caulfield is No Phony Shirt
'MERICA! Shirt
You Can't Sit With Us Tee Shirt
Dill With It Shirt
Miss me yet? Shirt
Stable Genius Shirt
Nobody Likes A Soggy Bottom Shirt