Resident? Suburbanite? Tourist? It doesn't matter as long as you love eating deep dish pizza and Chicago dogs in the Windy City! Strange Cargo has the perfect Chicago design for you whether you're visiting or have made the "city of big shoulders" your home, sweet home. Get a custom Strange Cargo design today and let everyone know how much you love this toddlin' town!

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Our Kid's Chicago Shirts


Chicago - Illinois State with Rainbow Shirt
Capone's Place Shirt
I Love Chicago Shirt
Chicago Flag Shirt
Chicago South Side Shirt
Chicago Cursive Shirt
Chicago Is For Lovers Shirt
Chicago with Skyline Shirt
Graffiti Chicago Shirt
Greetings From Chicago, Illinois Shirt
Superior Hog Handling Shirt
Meerkat Waiting For Bus  Shirt
Meerkat In Front Of Chicago Picasso Shirt
I Love Chicago Retro Shirt
Meerkat At Buckingham Fountain Shirt
Chicago El Shirt
Somebody in Chicago Loves Me Pink Shirt
Chicago's Best Shirt
Sausage King of Chicago Shirt
Chicago Retro Shirt
Chicago Flag XL Shirt
Chicago Red and White Text Shirt
Somebody In Chicago Loves Me Blue Shirt
Snowmaggedon Chicago Blizzard Shirt
Chicago Skyway Shirt
Lake Michigan Shirt
Chicago Loves A Big Italian Beef Shirt
Chi Star Shirt
Chi Skyline Shirt
License to IL Shirt
Excuse The Chicago In Me Shirt
I Love Chicago Hot Dog Shirt