Go Veg! Shirt
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Go Veg! Shirt

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About This Shirt

Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and lettuce aren't just good for your body, they're good for your life. You can get your protein in other places, but nothing replaces the nutrition and flavor of vegetables. So, perhaps it is time to fall in line and "Go Veg!" along with other notable vegans and vegetarians such as Pamela Anderson, Katey Sagal, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Cillian Murphy, Christian Bale, Elvis Costello, George Harrison, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Ian McKellen, Kelly Osbourne, Ringo Starr, Christina Applegate, Billie Joe Armstrong, Peter Dinklage, RZA, GZA, Masta Killa, Method Man, Anne Hathaway, Joan Jett, Rue McClanahan, Sarah Silverman, Anthony Kiedis, and the great Queen Bea Arthur. With this list of talented actors, musicians, beauties, and geniuses, there is clearly something beneficial to dedicating your life and body to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle! So fall in line with this gorgeous parade of veggie-friendly people and march to the beat of a healthy drum! Wave that pro-vegetable banner high as you enjoy salads, seitan, tofu dogs, veggie burgers, and great vegan and vegetarian dishes from great Windy City restaurants such as Chicago Diner, Handlebar, Dimo's Pizza, Pick Me Up Cafe, Uncommon Ground, Pequod's Pizza, and Lula Cafe. Start the fanfare and get your feet marchin; the veggie parade is marching your way!

Women's Super Soft 50/50 Tee, Light Blue , Small

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