Frankenstein Shirt
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Frankenstein Shirt

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About This Shirt

Where would popular culture be without Frankenstein's monster? Spawned from Mary Shelley's chilling tale of a mad doctor taking his scientific genius to a dark, Promethean place, the world has taken the idea of the monster and made it into an icon. There's a light over at the Frankenstein place for the world of art, music, and film when it comes to the monster. Without Frankenstein's monster the Edgar Winter Group would have never found inspiration for their instrumental rock classic "Frankenstein," and Alice Cooper would have never been able to make "Teenage Frankenstein" or perform "Feed My Frankenstein" for Wayne and Garth. Without Frankenstein's monster there would have never been a Bride of Frankenstein, which would have denied the world the greatest hairstyle of all time. Had there been no Frankenstein's monster Abbott and Costello would have had to find a different monster to meet, Andy Warhol would not have been able to make the X-rated, 3D classic "Flesh for Frankenstein," Phil Hartman would have never been able to growl, "Fire! BAD!" on Saturday Night Live, and we would not have delicious Frankenberry cereal. Most importantly, without Frankenstein's monster Mel Brooks would have never been able to make "Young Frankenstein," and we would have never seen Doctor Frankenstein and his monster perform "Puttin on the Ritz." Popular culture owes a great debt to Mary Shelley's spooky creation. Show your love and support for the Mick Jagger of monsters with this great design on your favorite tee shirt exclusively from the spookiest tee shirt shop in Chicago, Strange Cargo.

Guy's Super Soft 50/50 Tee, Black, Small

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