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About This Shirt

The Midwest is one big dysfunctional family. Though all of the states in the Midwest share breath-taking scenery, vibrant agriculture, and fantastic sports teams like the Blackhawks, the Cubs, the Bulls, the White Sox, the Redwings, the Lions, the Tigers, the Bears (Oh my!), the Pacers, the Colts, the Packers, the Vikings, the Bengals, the Browns, the Reds, the Indians, and the Brewers. For as much as we share, for as much as we can see ourselves in one another, there is still a disdain and a pecking order. Illinois hates on Wisconsin and Minnesota for sports-related reasons and hates on Indiana because, well, Indiana is Indiana. Michigan hates on everyone because of its dominance over the Great Lakes. Indiana hates on Kentucky because Indiana has no standing to hate on anyone else. Everyone hates on Ohio. However, where the sports-rivalry may fuel a lot of the grudge between Wisconsin and Illinois, there is one other factor that is involved in this grudge: common courtesy on the open road. As if the Green Bay Packers/Chicago Bears tension wasn't enough, the manner in which the Illinois driver behaves on the open road infuriates the Wisconsin motorist to the point that they have dubbed the drivers from the Land of Lincoln "Fucking Illinois Bastards" (or FIBS). If you've experienced the goddamn irritating ways of the Illinois driver, this shirt is for you! Show that you know the rules of the road with this FIBS shirt exclusively from the custom shop that outfits a lot of Fashionable Illinois Bastards, Strange Cargo.

Guy's Super Soft 50/50 Tee, Gold, Small
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