Chinese Food Menu Shirt
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Chinese Food Menu Shirt

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About This Shirt

Whether it's healthy for you or not, fried food, noodles, rice, and MSG are beautiful, beautiful things. Sometimes on a rainy night after a long day of work, there is nothing better than ordering in some sweet and sour chicken, pork fried rice, General Tso's chicken, pot stickers, and bubble tea and relaxing on your couch with your white containers full of Chinese food and your favorite movie on the television. One of the most annoying things about ordering Chinese food is that it seems that when you want it, you cannot seem to find the menu. Sure, the delivery guy will staple nine of them to your bag when he delivers your food, but when the craving hits, there doesn't seem to be a menu around. Don't get caught on a lazy night without your Chinese food menu. Keep it handy and within reach on the front of your favorite tee shirt! With this great shirt from Strange Cargo, you'll never miss the deadline for delivery again. Get this handy and helpful shirt from Strange Cargo today and you will never be caught on another Thursday night having to settle for pizza.

Girl's American Apparel Tee, Gold, Small

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