Chicago Splatter Shirt
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Chicago Splatter Shirt

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About This Shirt

Since the eighties, the Windy City has been the epicenter for the club scene in the Midwest, and this tee shirt design is perfect for your night out on the town in the club. Need something to wear for a night dancing til you drop at Downtown? This is it! Spend you evening in Berlin dancing on platforms to the DJ, head over to Hydrate or Spin, dance the night away at Transit, see a great DJ at Metro, cram onto the dance floor at Roscoe's after a pink lemonade vodka pitcher, find your prince or princess at Atmosphere in Andersonville, put on your boogie shoes and stay out all night at Late Bar, or enjoy an evening dancing at the Shrine. Wherever you spend your evening of enjoying sweet beats and great drinks, this custom shirt says, "I am fashionable, and I am here to get down!" Keep the club scene alive in the Windy City with this retro splatter tee shirt that sports the name of your favorite city to boogie down in. You can't go wrong with a custom tee shirt from Strange Cargo, the place for the fashionable motherfucker. So turn up your favorite iTunes dance mix playlist and add this one to your cart.

Women's Super Soft 50/50 Tee, Asphalt, Small
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