Brocabulary Shirt
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Brocabulary Shirt

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About This Shirt

Bro, if you're going to wear that white hat with that polo shirt and your cargo shorts, you're going to need to beef up your brocabulary. If you want to be known as a total brofessional, you need to know the lingo so that you can network with other Nabroleon and Brosephene Bronapartes. Think of this as a bropational period before becoming an out-and-out, tried and true bro. You can't cruise the sports bars of Lincoln Park without knowing the correct speech and buzzwords; it's time to work your brojo, Brossemite Sam, and earn that Natty Ice and beer pong tournament. With this great lexicon on your shirt, you will be sure to be the Brobi Won Kenobi at the top of Mount Brolympus, staring down at all of the brodents who bask in your bro glory. Consider this tee shirt the Brosetta Stone to all that is bro communication. With this great brocabulary on your shirt, you will go down in brodom history as a brofessional, joining the likes of Abroham Lincoln and Aristotle Bronassis. Don't brocrastinate; get this bromazing shirt today, exclusively from the Windy City's favorite store for the best in broparel, Strange Cargo, and become the greatest bro of all time.

Guy's American Apparel Tee, Light Blue, Small

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