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Best Weiner Shirt

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About This Shirt

Mustard, onions, pickle spear, relish, tomatoes, peppers, and a pinch of celery salt: these are the ingredients that make the Chicago Dog the Best Weiner in the Midwest. Wait...what did you think we were talking about, you pervert?!? You need to get your mind out of the gutter and onto the greatest cuisine the Midwest has to offer! We are celebrating the greatest delicacy the Midwest has to offer with a fashionable custom tee shirt design. A classic since the 1883 World's Columbian Exposition in the City of Big Shoulders, this classic kosher frank with a mountain of delicious toppings has taken over the Second City with the power of deliciousness and tradition. The Windy City has more hot dog eateries than McDonald's, Burger Kings and Wendy's combined! President Barack Obama may have put Five Guys into the national spotlight, but even they cannot steal the thunder of this Second City treat! There is no reason for you to miss out on this Chicago classic. Whether you are enjoying this classic dog at Hot Doug's, Murphy's, Superdawg Drive-In, Portillo's, Al's Beef, Wrigley Dog, Weiner's Circle, Clark Street Dog or sitting in the bleachers watching the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field, you must be sure to eat it right. That means no substitutions and no additions. That means an ice cold can of Old Style on the table next to your weiner. That means NO KETCHUP!

Guy's Super Soft 50/50 Tee, White, Small

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