Andre The Giant Shirt
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Andre The Giant Shirt

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About This Shirt

"The Princess Bride" had it right: Andre the Giant *IS* the Brute Squad! Standing at 7'4", Andre the Giant arrived on the wrestling scene with the World Wrestling Federation and dominated the competition and won the hearts of wrestling fans all over the world. There was no question as to whether he could eliminate Bret "The Hitman" Hart to become the champion of Wrestlemania 2. When it came to the feud between Andre and Hulk Hogan, everyone knew that Andre would come out the favorite despite the Hulkster's win. Jake The Snake may have frightened him into a kayfabe heart attack by throwing a snake, but Andre endured as the most-lovable and most-revered professional wrestler of all time. From his days with the Wide World Wrestling Federation to his beloved role in the timeless classic, "The Princess Bride," Andre the Giant went from the large French boy being driven to school by Samuel Beckett to the internationally famous wrestling superstar that stole the hearts of an entire generation of wrestling fans. Show your everlasting love for Andre with this great vintage transfer from Strange Cargo. This action shot looks great on a variety of tee shirts, so get it today and sport your love for this great wrestler.

Guy's Super Soft 50/50 Tee, Gold, Small

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